Tip: Use “Select Similar Objects” to layer your OmniGraffle wireframes easily

OmniGraffle wireframes exported using Wirify Pro have all page elements on a single layer. Sometimes it’s useful to move different elements onto separate layers – here’s how to do this quickly and easily:

Use OmniGraffle Select Similar Objects to layer wireframes

  1. Wirify a page and export it as an OmniGraffle document
  2. Open the exported document
  3. Create a new layer, for example “Images”
  4. Select one image element, or other page element type
  5. Choose Select > Similar Objects in the Edit menu
  6. Right-click on your new layer and select Move Selection to Layer

VoilĂ  – all image elements are now on the new layer and you can easily manipulate them as a group! Repeat steps 3 to 6 if you’d like to create layers for other page element types.

You can apply this technique in other drawings too, not just Wirify wireframes.

Wirify wireframe with four layers

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