Wirify is a Volkside service. The service concept, design and implementation are copyright © 2010-2017 Volkside. All rights reserved.

All product names, trademarks, logos and icons are the property of their respective owners.

Wirify bookmarklet would not be possible without the fantastic jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. Big thanks to Tommy Saylor for his excellent bookmarklet article on Smashing Magazine. We are indebted to Choon Keat for Loremipsumizer that is used for the greeking feature. Bryce Hanscomb‘s excellent Exittext is used for the redact feature, together with the Redacted font from Christian Naths.

Images and interactive elements are shown separately thanks to Noel, wireframe editing is based on an idea by Jason McLeod and buttons and other input elements are highlighted as per Sara Vermeylen’s feedback.

The 30-second video tutorial on how to install and run Wirify was made by Think1More.

Wirify Manager is partially built on the open source project management tool Retrospectiva by Dimitrij Denissenko. It also makes use of several other open source libraries and components, including Filament Group’s jQuery UI Slider. Several code fragments and tips come from the awesome Stack Overflow. We are using Ed Merritt ‘s Vaga icon set and one icon from Oliver Twardowski’s Flavour icons.

The Wirify privacy policy is modelled after On Technology’s ezimerchant Sample Privacy Statement. Terms of service are inspired by 37signals’ Basecamp and Campaign Monitor.

The background image is based on the Wirify wireframe of The Age homepage on 6 Feb 2011.

Inspired by Web Without Words

The Wirify concept is heavily inspired by Paul Armstrong’s Web Without Words, explained below in his own words:

web.without.words started simply as a way for me “practice what I preach” — to visually represent my core belief that hierarchy, grid systems and uniformity ultimately lead to a more natural user experience. By showing the overall structure of any website, by stripping naked all the distractions of text and ads and images and showing a site for what the eye unconsciously perceives.

Read the original Wirify introduction for further discussion and Paul’s comment.

We would like to thank all above individuals and organisations for making Wirify possible!


This page last updated on 10 Sep 2017