Earlier versions

This page lists the release notes for each Wirify version.

Wirify Pro update (13 Sep 2017)

Summary: Wirify Pro and Wirify credits are available again, with revised pricing

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Wirify 1.7.2 (10 Sep 2017)

Summary: New redact feature now available in Wirify

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Wirify 1.7.1 (20 Apr 2011)

Summary: Export to Microsoft Visio and SVG using Wirify Pro

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Wirify 1.7 (12 Apr 2011)

Summary: View and export headings using Wirify Pro

Wirify free and Wirify Pro:

  • Revised z-order of page elements: interactive elements are shown over images, and headings are always on top
  • Process contents of the largest iframe instead the parent page itself on certain websites (e.g. Gmail)
  • H5 and H6 headings are now included in the wireframe along with the original H1..H4
  • Removed ‘www.’ prefix in the information overlay title
  • Reorganised Wirify menu.

Wirify Pro only:

  • Attempt to intelligently extract heading text, also when using Cufón text replacement
  • Headings are exported in either black-on-white (when shown) or gray-on-gray (when hidden)
  • If using Balsamiq Mockups you need to install BalsamiqMockups.cfg to correctly display headings with Unicode characters
  • Page editing is now enabled on Internet Explorer and works in IE9; IE7 and IE8 have known issues.

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CNN International - Wirify wireframe with headings

Source: CNN International

Wirify 1.6 (7 Mar 2011)

Summary: Wirify Pro with Balsamiq Mockups export, revised pricing

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Wirify 1.5 (22 Feb 2011)

Summary: Wirify Pro with OmniGraffle export and Wirify.com launched

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Wirify 1.4 (unreleased)

Summary: Internal development version leading to Wirify 1.5

Wirify 1.3 (13 Jan 2011)

Summary: Improved rendering of overflow elements, show time taken to wirify page

  • Improved rendering of overflow elements such as image carousels
  • Show time taken to wirify the page in version tooltip — hover over the copyright text to view
  • Added link back to original web page in the copyright statement
  • Changed information overlay heading level to prevent styling clashes with original page
  • Optimised all visual assets

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Wirify 1.2.1 (6 Jan 2011)

Summary: Separate images and interactive elements

  • Separate images (crossed box for img and canvas) and interactive elements (player symbol for object, embed, iframe and video), see example below (hat tip to Noel and Erik Olson)

CNN International - Original vs Wirify wireframe
Wirify: Separate images and interactive elements. Source: CNN International

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Wirify 1.2 (5 Jan 2011)

Summary: Movable information overlay, Opera and IE improvements, visual symbol in bookmark title, watermark

  • Allow dragging information overlay around and slightly outside the screen, using jQuery UI
  • Added small watermark on bottom right
  • Select boxes are now wirified similarly to other input elements
  • Display help message when trying to wirify a blank page
  • Display error message when wirifying is unsuccessful
  • Improved performance and accuracy on Opera and Internet Explorer
  • Improved information overlay title for local files
  • Added a visual symbol to the Wirify bookmarklet link
  • Re-wirify page when invoked again after browser window has been resized
  • Open information overlay links in a new window
  • Improved analytics, log Wirify version information
  • Exclude elements smaller than 5 x 5 pixels

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Wirify 1.1 (20 Dec 2010)

Summary: First public release

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