Wirify Pro and Wirify credits now available, with revised pricing

We are delighted to announce that Wirify Pro and Wirify credits are available again. We have recently completed payment integration with our new payment provider, Braintree. Both credit card and PayPal payments are supported.

As part of the upgrade we have also revised the pricing of the service: all prices are in Australian Dollars and Wirify credits are now AU $5 each, irrespective of the quantity purchased. This is approximately US $4 each, at the time of writing. Each Wirify credit is valid for three (3) months from purchase.

The previous pricing was as follows, in US Dollars: 1-3 credits at $7/ea, 4-7 at $6/ea, 9-15 at $5/ea, and 20 credits at $4/ea.

You may want to use Wirify Pro to export SVG wireframes that are fully editable in Sketch. There are also some new features in Wirify for all users.


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