Example wireframes

Wirify Pro

These fully editable wireframes for Microsoft Visio, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq Mockups and SVG (for Sketch, Illustrator and other applications) have been exported directly from Wirify Pro:

Original page Visio wireframe OmniGraffle wireframe Balsamiq wireframe SVG wireframe
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To download a document hold the Alt key and click on the download link above. All documents are unedited and created using Wirify Pro 1.7.1 with visible headings.

A wireframe with headings exported into OmniGraffle using Wirify Pro:

The Guardian wireframe in OmniGraffle using Wirify Pro, with headings

Source: The Guardian

Wirify free

The following wireframes have been created using Wirify 1.4 and besides basic cropping and resizing they are completely unedited:

CNN International - Original vs Wirify wireframe

Source: CNN International

BBC News - Original vs Greeked wireframe vs Wirify wireframe

Original vs. greeked wireframe vs. Wirify wireframe. Source: BBC News

The New York Times - Original vs Wirify wireframe

Source: The New York Times

Wikipedia - Original vs Wirify wireframe

Source: Wikipedia

YouTube - Original vs Wirify wireframe

Source: YouTube

Yahoo - Original vs Wirify wireframe

Source: Yahoo

The page layout and structure of each example are the property of the respective website owners.

This page last updated on 8 Aug 2020