Wirify Pro and Wirify.com launched

Welcome to Wirify.com, the new home of the Wirify bookmarklet from Volkside that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. Wirify-related information from Volkside.com has been moved here and we’ve added heaps so please have a look around.

Wirify Pro wireframe exported into OmniGraffle

Wirify Pro now available

We have released Wirify Pro that includes the OmniGraffle export functionality we showed last month. Wirify Pro also allows you to quickly tweak the page layout directly in browser by moving and resizing page elements – hat tip to Jason McLeod for the idea!

You can get Wirify Pro right now by buying Wirify credits here.

Each Wirify credit lets you export one Wirify wireframe, and the current pricing in US dollars is as follows (subject to change):

  • 1-4 Wirify credits at $9 each
  • 5-9 credits at $8/ea
  • 10-19 credits at $7/ea
  • 20 credits at $6/ea.

Update Mar 2011: See revised pricing

» Read more about Wirify Pro and Wirify credits
» View and download example wireframes exported using Wirify Pro

Get Wirify Pro

Wirify 1.5 update with greeking

The free version of Wirify has also been updated. There are a number of changes under the hood but the key improvement is the new greeking mode that replaces all text content with “lorem ipsum” but retains colours, styles and other formatting.

This mode is useful when you want to analyse the page without being distracted by the actual text and images but the standard Wirify wireframe is too abstract:

Greeked Wirify wireframe of Facebook

Greeking is implemented using the very cool Loremipsumizer by Choon Keat, with permission. His bookmarklet in fact predates Wirify and we were lucky to hear about it via a friendly Twitter tip.

How to update and install Wirify

If you have installed Wirify previously please update the bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar now for better error handling.

» New users can install Wirify here

We hope you like this new version – please keep us posted with your feedback!

This page last updated on 7 Mar 2011

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11 Responses to “Wirify Pro and Wirify.com launched”

  1. Brian Gupton says:

    Your service is interesting and potentially useful. Unfortunately, your pricing is utterly retarded. The primary benefit of Wirify for workflow would be to quickly be able to emulate and manipulate layout of a site. To be useful, I would need the ability to grab any site, throw it into Omnigraffle and play around with it. I’m certainly not going to pay every single time I wish to do this. You guys need a standard licensing fee.

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for your feedback. We thought long and hard about the pricing, and the current model is very much focused on website redesign projects where you specifically know the handful of pages you want to use as a starting point for the new version. Wirify Pro helps you kickstart the process and save several hours of work, compared to starting the wireframes from scratch.

    To be useful, I would need the ability to grab any site, throw it into Omnigraffle and play around with it.

    Wirify can be used to analyse most web pages and whilst they can be exported using Wirify Pro, it is not intended for “wholesale borrowing” of layout and structure from just any site. This is reflected by the pricing.

    I’m not saying that the pricing is right just yet but I hope this clarifies some of the rationale behind it.

    What does everyone else think about the pricing?

  3. James Noble says:

    Wirify is the kind of application we wish we’d thought of first. Very useful for explaining layouts to client and comparing elements with competitors. Great commitment and application delivery by Jussi.

    Enough about the app the app, lets get wirify’ing!

  4. Todd Sieling says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree that the pricing model is a dealbreaker for me. It’s also an overall experience breaker if I need to pause to consider a financial tradeoff every time I want to export something to Omnigraffle.

    Think about the genius of the unlimited data plan when the iphone launched. Apple knew that if customers had to make a financial consideration every time they pulled out their phone to use the internet features, it would never take off as an internet access device. Every use would be preceded by moments of hesitation. That’s what I see happening with Wirify Pro.

    If there’s a way to buy this as an app and use it as I need to without stopping in my tracks every time to ask if it’s worth the money, I’d go for it. Under the current model it’s not even close to possible.

  5. Thanks for your feedback Todd, we’ve heard similar comments from a few other people as well. Your point about stopping to think every time is a valid one. Perhaps a model where you can export lots of wireframes for a certain period (day, week, month) and fixed fee would work – although getting the price right is probably just as challenging then. We’re certainly open to other pricing models but only after careful consideration.

    For anyone interested in Wirify Pro you can download example OmniGraffle documents here.

    Keep the feedback coming!

  6. Matt Hansen says:

    I’m afraid pricing is a deal breaker for me. I don’t have a specific need for wireframing at the moment, but I will need to before long. Because of that, I would like to “play around” with what the product would provide. From my point of view, if I do not make a purchase today, it is unlikely I will remember to return to this site in the future to make a purchase. Not because the product is insufficient, but because I don’t have a comfortable opportunity how well it would meet my needs. I understand examples are available, but I am interested in seeing examples which I have generated before purchasing.



  7. Hi Matt, thanks for your feedback, you make a good point. Although I can’t promise a specific timeframe we’ll see if we can find a way to give prospective customers access to a trial version of Wirify Pro.

    In the meantime you can get an idea on how the exported wireframes are structured by looking at the examples. The exported wireframe is close to identical with the Wirify wireframe you can create using the free version, so if that looks ok for the site you have in mind it’s highly likely you will find the OmniGraffle document useful.

  8. Danny Hope says:

    The pricing is a deal breaker for me too.

  9. Olivier Cuny says:

    The pricing is extremely expensive and will for sure stop tons of people from using it. I just purchased some credits because I really need it, but will think twice before making another purchase. I get the per-use type of pricing to make most financial sense to you, but I think that the price per use is just very expensive. You’d really need to find the sweet spot to make it worth to you, to make it attractive to a user like me and not think twice about it. Just like iStockPhoto when they started, pricing was cheap enough that people don’t think about it. Same with iPhone apps… .99 cents for a stupid app, people will buy… it is only 99 cents. They don’t care. At $6.00 a pop at best pricing… it makes it a not so easy decision and will deter people from wanted to use the feature more… thus you will not have a lot of clients and word of mouth will be minimum. I get that you’re in a niche within a niche within a niche (Mac Users -> Omnigraffle Users -> Web developers) and the amount of people interested in your product is significantly small, that you need to maximize the pricing… but again, it may be a bit steep to reach maximum potential.

    My 2 cents… 🙂

  10. Hi Olivier, thanks a lot for your purchase and your comment, good points in there. We are currently reviewing the pricing, stay tuned.

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments – please read this update on revised pricing and additional features.